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Teo Ee Yi left the blood on Sudirman 2019 court

Posted: 25/05/2019, 22:02
by admin
On the quarter finals men doubles match between Malaysia and Japan, Teo Ee Yi has got an accident :shock:
The match is Teo Ee Yi/Ong Yew Sin vs Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda. In game 3rd, when the points reach to 19 - 18, Ong and Teo have impacted together and so that Teo's chin has been bleed.
After that, he has been cured by doctors and they continue to play the match to the end at 21-23.
Although, Teo Ee Yi/Ong Yew Sin have lost to Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda but that is the excited match. And Teo Ee Yi is really been respected 8-)
Watch the match here: